Check out the installation video below to see how much time and money you can save by using Filtrexx SiltSoxx.  


Filtrexx®, the high performance alternative to straw wattle and silt fence.

Use for perimeter protection, inlet protection, curb checks, ditch checks, sediment basins, and water flow interruption.  

A great product for oil and gas, land development, construction storm water and containment applications.

Easy and fast installations

1000 feet of Filtrexx can be installed in less than an hour. NO TRENCHING REQUIRED.  This cuts labor cost and allows you to get to work faster with peace of mind that your site will stay in compliance. 

Green, superior performance

Filtrexx® allows water runoff to pond like silt fence or straw wattle, but also offers three dimensional filtration offering the best protection for your job site and our environment.  Manufactured locally with recycled materials.